Drywall Repair

  • Instead of just rushing through a job, we make sure we have the right materials, do the right "prep" work and properly clean up afterwards.

  • Tough as it is, drywall can withstand only limited abuse. A door flung open with too much force can produce a doorknob-size hole in the wall. This kind of damage looks bad, but even large holes are easy for us to fix.

    We specialize in drywall repair jobs. Repairing holes from water damage and electrical improvements are a big part of what we do. Our specialty is drywall work -- but many projects involve more than just drywall work, so we have a team of quality employees from the local area who have a proven track record of excellent work. Anywhere your drywall gest wet it loses a portion of its integrity and strength. If the paint came off, our suggestion would be to replace the drywall for sure. It isn't designed to get wet, and although you might be able to cover it up, it isn't necessarily advisable. Mold is another potential issue, asthe drywall is capable of retaining a good amount of moisture.
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